About Us

Welcome to our factory of the future.

Why is factory of the future and not a normal factory?

Our answer is easy: Don’t get left behind—3D printing is a key tool for innovation and production!

It is your first time here? Don´t worry! We will explain you what is 3D Print Technology, and you can understand better what we are doing.


3D printing technology has evolved beyond just rapid prototyping applications. Companies are now seeing the advantages of digital manufacturing for custom manufacturing, replacement parts and low-volume production. As the technology continues to evolve, it's increasingly providing competition to traditional manufacturing practices, such as injection molding. Rapidsol is positioned to move you to the forefront of that revolution.

Our fused deposition modeling technology is the only rapid prototyping technology that uses real thermoplastic materials. That means designers, engineers and entrepreneurs can acquire the functionality and durability they need at a lower cost and in less time than traditional methods.

We offer the ability to submit your design today - on demand - and get your parts a few days later, increasing your ability to get your product to market faster. With Rapidsol you can empower your business with 3D printing and advanced manufacturing solutions. Our on demand global network is only a click away.

Now is easy to imagine, contact us.

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