Losing your way? “Find your feet” with 3D printing and get better solutions for your business.

For a lot of companies working on shoes industry 3D printing is not recognized as a potential factor to increase their business. 
In fact it is, and some companies are using 3D printing in a very usefully way. Take for example adidas, an internationally famous brand that recently unveiled its take of Futurecraft 3D, a customizable 3D printed running shoe midsole which can be tailored to the individual´s foot. Adidas is an amazing example, but, our intention with this article is to show you how 3D printing can help you reducing production time, production costs, improve design, and take your product faster to market.

-Complexity of course:

With 3D printing you can have a level of complexity that simply could not be produce physically in any other way. Is applicable for soles, masks, and small accessories. 

This prototype sole was made with 3D Printing.
3D printing is able to make your soles prototypes quickly and with high level of detail.  

Future of shoes with 3D printing (already happening):

Conscious of the fact everyone shoes are completely individual, some companies are seeing business opportunities of making completely personalized shoes, especially for athletes.

How can 3D printing make personalized shoes?
Using an app you take the pictures, three pictures of each foot from three different angles and in under a minute, a 3D model of your foot is generated using a combination of your profile and a database of thousands of feet. Then the factories are able to make your shoes which will fit you at the first place.

Everything is all about changing perceptions
Like most products in the additive manufacturing industry, it´s about changing perceptions of what we perceive to be the norm and discovering how these products can add real value to our lives instead of simply a statement about how they were made.

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  • 11/12/2015

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