Industrial Automation and 3D Printing

In your factory robots and machines need constantly maintenance motorization and actualization? 3D printing could be a great tool to optimization machines or robots, and of course to obtain better results. How? Maybe are you asking now?
So, think about a simply thing: 3D printing is the only method able to make any shape, almost without limit. Organic forms and complexity are the specialty of 3D printing. In this case, does no matter the complexity of the part you would need for optimization your machine or robot. With 3 printing you can simply make it, and the best thing is: you will reduce a lot of costs. 
The first times are always hard and the testing phase is really important. We know maybe you made some mistakes at the beginning of your project, it's normal Conscious of this fact, we would like to tell you that with 3D printing you can design and print the times you need it because is quite cheap to do it when you compare with traditional manufacture. 

Final notes:
- Print unique end use parts (like grippers, masks, etc.);
More versatility and personalization;
- More complexity;
- Low-cost;
-Small time of production.  
  • Rapidsol
  • 16/12/2015

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