Rapidsol wants to present you our new technology: Micro SLA

Some people still think 3D technology just has application in movies Pacific Rim or Star Wars 
are not so far away from the reality. Thinking about 3D print as an unreal is a big mistake. 3D print is evolving with all types of industry, products, business or ideas. By using 3D Print, you can make the process of creating and launching new products shortly, and you can also reduce costs.
Now is easy to imagine, it could be a good start to explain all the potentials factors of 3D Print. Engineers, designers, doctors, architects, researchers, or people interested in 3D Print can have a better and easier choice. 3D Print objects can be precise as they never were. And in order to talk about precision, we want to show you our new machine available in our factory of the future. 

 The machine

Is a small machine, it is not bigger than a coffee machine, ideal for small, precise, detail-rich parts and casting patterns, such as jewelry, electronic components and dental wax-ups. The Projet 1200 has abilities to print 30 micron layers at s 585 dpi resolution resulting from fine feature-details reflecting true-to-Cad accuracy.
Jewelers can create exquisite, detailed pieces from rings to pendants. You can say goodbye to the traditional methods to make your casts. Dental labs can produce highly accurate, casting-friendly wax-ups for a range of small dental prosthetics. Using this technology allows you to accelerate workflow with the exceptional results of traditional methods. 
Engineering and manufacturing customers can take advantages for end-use applications and final one-off custom components, such as electronic connectors, robotics components and more. Many 3D artists, designers and professional model makers also require strong, precise micro parts for toys, figurines, model aircraft, cars, model trains and more.

What are you waiting for?

Save your small and precious time! Let's make amazing products? Know more about this technology in our website. Get in!

  • Rapidsol
  • 07/09/2015

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