Everything you did would be better with a 3D trophy.

We are proud of our trophies to award the best fashions films in Portugal in 2015. On this second edition of Porto Fashion Film Festival the trophies were made of polycarbonate in our MovingLight ® DLP technology and the final result was much better than we expected. As you can see in the pics this year the trophies look like as if they come from space, and because of this they had a special mission: they want to transmit that the future of the Portuguese fashion life is now, and of course for us it is 3D. Thinking in the future acting now is the concept of the trophies and of the festival.  So, Fashion Portuguese makers, this message is for you guys: these trophies can prove one more time the amazing potentials of 3D printing service.

What are you waiting for?

Are you looking for some innovation? 
3D printing can be your motivation!  

  • Rapidsol
  • 05/10/2015

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