Modtissimo46- Our first fashion trade show

We have decided to open our mind to a new world for us: fashion clothes and accessories. Modtissimo 46 was a great opportunity to show to Portuguese Fashion makers a new vision about 3D print service. In this area we already have worked with shoes, of course, but these days we were having a big desire to do something more in fashion area. Why not accessories or real different clothes made by a 3D print service?
Conscious of the fact most people that are working with fashion in all the areas don´t know anything about it, for us participating in Modtissimo was a good way to start opening their minds.
At the end of the day the balance was positive, but now, we know that we have a long way to walk to explain to the people that 3D print service can make a big difference when you want to be different.
Using 3D print service you can have a big liberty of making organic forms, or new types of materials, or you can reduce your costs if you are working with jewelry, for example.
See here the amazing parts you could make with 3D print service, and seriously: this is just the beginning!
Don´t miss the chance, because we print everything in 3D, specially your ideas.

Ps: To talk about fashion, we will have more news very soon. Wait for see it. 
  • Rapidsol
  • 06/10/2015

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