3D Color Jet

Your 3D print can be full of color

Color 3D printing gives you the power to make ready-to-use, flexible, strong parts, colored pixel by pixel, with superior surface quality. You can ensure high productivity and cut operating costs. Combine outer beauty with inner toughness and have durable, full-color plastic parts right out of the 3D color printer. Using Color Jet printing technology allows you to quickly create true-to-life prototypes of your end product, accurately display vital features, and produce high resolution, customized end-use products.

Color 3D printing works best when used to explain things diagrammatically. For example, if you want to highlight, within a development project, what is residential versus commercial, color 3D printing would be a good choice. If you have a sales presentation, and want to illustrate a difference in materials used, a color 3D print would be a cost effective way to add this level of information to the project. If you have a working part and want to help display various functions within that static piece, adding color to the 3D print would be a great way to convey that concept.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your design stand out. Communicate in strong, full-color plastic.


  • Trust your concept models and end-use parts – Printing 3D Color produces long-lasting plastic parts
  • Make models as brilliant as you are – Present every detail of your part, utilizing almost one million colors and superior surface finish capabilities
  • Create parts faster – The 3D Color Print features fast print speeds, and parts are ready to use right out of the printer, no post-processing or painting required
  • Conserve materials – The 3D Color Print material recycling capabilities, and its ability to produce parts that do not require supports, make it economical and eco-friendly
  • No water hookups and no harsh chemicals required
3D Print with 3D Color Jet
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