Micro SLA

When the small takes the victory your details can be high

As the name of the technology says micro SLA just can print micro or small parts. Micro SLA was developed to produce small, but in other hand with high level of detail. Sometimes bigger doesn't mean high quality, and here micro SLA is an excellent example of that. Some people in our industry are saying that micro SLA machines are “smaller than most coffee makers and faster than baking a cake.”

Micro Sla is also a cheap and rapid process. If you are working with jewelry, electronic components, and dental wax-ups micro SLA is exactly for you.

With this technology you can save time and produce faster your final products, because your molds are printed with a new polymeric material which you can fuse and make it with gold, silver or as you want.

But you are wondering how it works? It´s easy, it´s similar to the lost wax casting process. Think how long and expensive it was, and now you can just fuse your mold printed with micro SLA and make your real product right away.


  • Cheap and fast
  • High precision
  • Medium level of resistance
  • Wide range of applications like detail-rich parts and casting patterns
3D Print with Micro SLA
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