Rapidsol in MoldPlas

For the first time Rapidsol will be expositor in MoldPlas.
MoldPlas is not just a molding show, is also a big trade show for business to business whose main goal is to present the best technological solutions, industries innovations, bringing the supply and demand closer together.  

Why we will be there?

Nowadays molding is one of the bases of our consumer society and productive sustainability of many companies which, directly or indirectly, need to make molds or plastic parts to develop its activities, and Rapidsol wants to help with that.

In this case, 3D printing service is ideal for who wants: 
-to create molds very quickly;
-to produce low volumes of parts;
-reduce costs.

Do you need more reasons to come? Visit us!

  • Rapidsol
  • 27/10/2015

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