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Last week was full of good experiences. For us, every moment we have spent there was a good time to learn. What did we learn there? In MoldPlas we have learned that is difficult to change mentalities. Is quite strange, but for so many people the 3D printing service is the future and far away from the reality. Sorry to disappoint you, but 3D printing service is available now, and it is very easy to get used to, because is cheap, and fast. There is a lot of advantages of using 3D printing service in molding industry, see this study case:

MethodProduction timeCosts
Traditional Method (CNC Machining)More than 20 days€5,000
Mold aluminiumMore than 20 days€5,000
Mold ABS (polyjet)Two days€280
Savings18 days (90%)€4,720 (94%)

If you do not like long time of production, long time of waiting for see your part or mold, and waste of money, 3D printing service is for you.  
Just tell us if you want to try it!  

  • Rapidsol
  • 02/11/2015

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