The models are made from transparent resin and built from a hardened liquid. The material is strong, hard and water resistant, by nature, and, of course, transparent. The transparent resin is ideal for models that require a good surface, smooth, with quality and a translucent look. The freedom of the project is limited due to the necessary structure used to support the models during printing.


  • Polycarbonate -like look and feel
  • Water-clear appearance
  • Stiff and durable
  • Ideal for “see-thru” applications
  • USP Class VI capable


  • Glass, eyewear, lighting covers and light-cases
  • Visualization of liquid flow
  • Color dying
  • Medical applications
  • Artistic and exhibition modeling
  • Suitable for a wide range of industries
  • Transparent resin models are painted with shiny varnish to avoid UV light discoloration
3D Print using Polycarbonate
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