3D printing at its most high resolution

A 3D printing process whereby the actual build materials (in liquid or molten state) are selectively jetted through multiple jet heads (with others simultaneously jetting support materials). However, the materials tend to be liquid photopolymers, which are cured with a pass of UV light as each layer is deposited.

PolyJet materials are capable of manifesting the highest resolution of any 3D printing technology or material. Can be composed more than 100 digital materials composed by a wide range of physical properties such as color and hardness. With PolyJet’s fine resolution eliminates the need for extensive surface post-processing; the thin layer thicknesses result in designs with a smoother texture than other 3D technologies.

This technology allows you to combine untill 14 materials on the same piece, whose production is simultaneous through overlapping layers.

Being hollow or compact, functional or intact, Rapidsol ensures the highest accuracy on the representation of details and highest speed on the production of your part.


  • Versatility of the materials (through its fusion)
  • Fusion possibility of 14 materials on the same piece
  • Functional prototypes
  • Quality and speed
  • High precision
  • Creation of complex shapes and fine details
3D Print with Polyjet
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