3D Print

Rapidsol can provide you with a real alternative to traditional manufacturing processes. As the only additive fabrication technology that uses real thermoplastic materials, Rapidsol can build your projects in a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional manufacturing processes. And, you get parts very close to injection mold quality. Many Rapidsol customers use our technologies for:

Ramping up production, while waiting for tooling

Low-volume production

Replacement part manufacturing

Limited/special edition products

One of a kind products

Jigs and fixtures

While others use 3D Printing to create beta products aimed at gaining market validation throughout the design process and to build parts that require functionality and durability without the need for cosmetic value. As the technology continues to evolve and as materials for these processes improve, 3D Printing will provide certain competition for conventional manufacturing. Don't let short production windows limit your product vision. Rapidsol can help you get your product to market faster. With our capacity, we can build up to 5,000 parts in two weeks, depending on geometries.

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