Privacy Policy

In Rapidsol we think that security and privacy of our customers and their prototypes are essential for our services users.

Through this privacy statement, we demonstrate our commitment to privacy and security provided to Rapidsol.org website users as well as to clients and potential clients of the 3D print service provided by IncrívelFuturo, S.A. through the Rapidsol brand.

To the www.rapidsol.org website users is guaranteed controlled treatment of the information provided, confidentiality and security required in the treatment of confidential data especially in relation to property of third parties.

Throughout the entire Rapidsol process, we have privacy policies running, confidentiality and data protection to ensure the safety of prototypes provided in the reserved area of the website. These procedures are based on systems that ensure the protection of information related to prototypes and confidentiality policies followed by our employees.

The confidential information inserted in this website is protected by multiple levels of password protection, encryption and other internal procedures to prevent unauthorized individuals to come into contact with other users’ confidential information.

The production of prototypes process is made by a restricted number of people of IncrívelFuturo, S.A. Besides, all employees have confidentiality agreements with the entity referred above that prohibit the leak of confidential information related to both the company and with other public thereof.

In www.rapidsol.org website, most of the information is available without a request for personal information, however, data may be requested to access applications for quick budgeting, access to reserved area and contact form.

In the public area of the website some data like personal, demographic information and geographic location can be collected from the www.rapidsol.org visitor without requiring registration. The collection of these data has specifically determined purposes such as Rapidsol services optimization, improving the experience provided by the website and conducting marketing activities undertaken by the IncrívelFuturo, S.A Company.

The data gathered in the public area of the www.rapidsol.org website are exclusively used by IncrívelFuturo, S.A., which owns the Rapidsol brand and it is never at any time or in any form available to third parties without permission of its users.

The reserved area of the website, where confidential and protected by intellectual property rights of third parties files can be available, all information in this area is the responsibility of its users and no data will be released without his consent.

The files made available for the production of prototypes will not be used, except for the prototype quoting and production, which are the purposes of its submission in the reserved area.

As a user of the Rapidsol.org website, you have the right to access your personal information, to fix it or change if any irregularity in the shown presented information is detected. You can do it in the reserved area of the website by entering password chosen by you when registration on Rapidsol.org website was made.

Regarding the use of personal data for commercial actions, all users may refuse your data being used for marketing and should express their will when you register on the website. However, if the action is spontaneous result of IncrívelFuturo, the users may at any time refuse the use of their information for future commercial actions at the time of the action or by other means of communication with the IncrívelFuturo, S.A mentioned in the terms and conditions.

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