Product Development & Design

“Rapidsol has changed the way product development and manufacturing professionals outsource custom manufactured parts.”

Rapidsol uses additive fabrication technology, sometimes referred to as 3D printing, to build functional prototypes for a variety of industries. Because Rapidsol uses engineering materials, such as ABS, polycarbonate and polyphenylsulfone, engineers, designers can use Rapidsol prototypes to test products before starting the lengthy, expensive tooling process. In all, we have more than 200 different material options. We understand the time constraints designers and engineers face when trying to get a new product to market that's why Rapidsol offers on demand services. You simply can register on our site, upload your 3D CAD files, receive a quote in seconds and even order your prototypes all from the convenience of your desktop. Rapidsol understands that our customers need their prototypes rapidly and so we make every effort to ensure a timely delivery of quality prototypes to help your product design cycle. There are many applications for which you can use rapid prototypes, for example:

Concept modeling – The freedom of multiple design iterations without cost penalty

Form, fit and function testing – Rapidsol prototypes help engineers and designers determine form, fit and function before investing in tooling

Design verification – Test your new products on the market and ensure that your design is right before going to mass production

Masters – You can use Rapidsol prototypes as masters for vacuum forming, investment casting and many other methods

Jigs and fixtures – Why invest in heavy, expensive jigs and fixtures that require assembly when you can build fixtures in one piece using Rapidsol? And because they’re made of thermoplastics, they’re easier on employees, too.

Marketing tools – Need to show your new concept to create a buzz? Build a Rapisol prototype. You can paint it, plate it or just simply show it.

Production mockups – Get a highly accurate and functional prototype to ensure that your design is correct before investing in production

Thermoforming – Use thermoforming as an inexpensive alternative to plastic molding or other forming methods

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