Concept Models & Evaluations – With lead times as little as 24 hours, you can quickly simulate products during all phases of the design process for visual evaluation of features, aesthetics and functionality. Concept models help to determine ergonomics and performance that can’t always been assessed in a CAD drawing.

Engineering Evaluation – Rugged nylon and thermoplastic materials make for easy verification of fit and design. Physical parts help engineers confirm CAD design and prevent future problems missed on screen. RapidSol rigorously inspects each product allowing for accurate testing.

Presentation Models – Finishing is often the difference in a successful model. Our highly experienced finishers use proprietary methods to accurately assemble and create the finest presentation models, while our painters are experienced and equipped with high-end equipment. Making it easy to get a display model.

Marketing Evaluation – Test groups, market introductions, sales and overall aesthetics can benefit from fast turn parts that simulate and look like the end product. Pre-production studies allow necessary changes to be implemented midstream, ultimately allowing the best product possible to be released to market.

3D Print for Prototyping
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