Selective Laser Sintering

No matter the complexity of your project

SLA or Selective Laser Sintering is the name of the process of creating objects from powders using atomic diffusion to create a 3D object. During SLS technology tiny particles of plastic, ceramic or glass are fused together by heat from a high-power laser to form a solid, three-dimensional object.

Objects printed with SLS are made with powder materials, most commonly plastics, such as nylon, which are dispersed in a thin layer on top of the build platform inside an SLS machine.

A laser, which is controlled by a computer that tells it what object to "print," pulses down on the platform, tracing a cross-section of the object onto the powder.

The laser heats the powder either to just below its boiling point (sintering) or above its boiling point (melting), which fuses the particles in the powder together into a solid form.

Once the initial layer is formed, the platform of the SLS machine drops — usually by less than 0.1mm — exposing a new layer of powder for the laser to trace and fuse together. This process continues again and again until the entire object has been printed.

When the object is fully formed, it is left to cool in the machine before being removed.

In resume, because SLS machines can print in a range of high-quality materials, from flexible plastic to food-grade ceramic, SLS is also a popular method for 3D printing customized products, such as hearing aids, dental retainers and prosthetics. And because objects printed with SLS don't rely on molds or require additional tooling, this method of manufacturing is also useful for anyone that wishes to print a highly complex or particularly delicate object.


  • Complex shapes
  • No additional supports to hold an object together is required
  • Highest finish surface
  • Ideal for industries that need only a small quantity of materials printed in high quality materials (used to build prototypes for airplane parts).
3D Print with Selective Laser Sintering
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