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The website rapidsol.org is property of IncrívelFuturo S.A.
For any issue related to the terms and conditions, privacy policy or other matters related to this website, you can use the following contacts:
IncrívelFuturo - Centro de Inovação Tecnológico de Investigação e Projetos S.A.
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Tel: (+351) 221 450 150
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By using the Rapidsol.org website, you have accepted the terms and conditions and privacy policy established and published on this website. Incrívelfuturo, S.A. may proceed to update and review this information and publishing it in Rapidsol.org in the area reserved for this purpose.
When registering in the reserved area of the website Rapidsol, and attending to the characteristics of the material provided, the user has the possibility to accept or not the terms and conditions and the privacy policy associated with the information contained in their reserved area. However, there are some fields of mandatory acceptance to confirm the registration and in order to have access to services provided by Rapidsol.

Intellectual property rights

All the information, content, software and services on the website www.rapidsol.org are exclusive property of IncrívelFuturo, and the content of this website are protected by Copyright and other intellectual property rights.
The information contained in Rapidsol.org can be read, partially reproduced but not misused by third parties for commercial or other purposes without the written permission of IncrívelFuturo, S.A.
The user of Rapidsol service must provide original files and of their authorship or should, otherwise, have permission from the owner to use them.
The information that is available online in any of the areas of the website must not infringe any third party's rights, including but not limited to intellectual property, publicity or privacy right.

On-line Services

The Rapidsol.org website provides an online ordering area for the 3D digital printing service, according to the .STL file provided by the user.
The Rapidsol.org website provides an online ordering area for the 3D digital printing service, according to the .STL file provided by the user. Rapidsol is not responsible for the quality of the 3D file. The customers have to provide us a valid file and the high or low quality of the file depends on the customers.
Rapidsol provides repair and edition service if the customer requires them previously. Edition and repair service have an extra charge and this charge depends on the hours we have spent to correct the file.
Rapidsol quick quoting service is available for registered and unregistered users, but for the order confirmation is required for the user to have their login data in the website reserved area.
To quote and / or to order a product is always necessary to submit to the .STL file to the quick quote system available on the Rapidsol.org website and select the material and other characteristics of the prototype.
The user must ensure that all information provided in quoting, ordering and registration are accurate, complete, true and faithfully represent their requirements for acceptance of Rapidsol products or services.
The values automatically generated by the system when a quote is requested are calculated according to the characteristics of the submitted piece, the selected features for its production and transportation values to the given address.
For the order confirmation it is required to do the registration in the reserved area of Rapidsol.org, in order to provide Incrívelfuturo, S.A. all data associated with the user to proceed with the order.
The transportation cost of the ordered parts is supported by the client, and this is previously calculated according to the given address. It is already in the budget automatic provided online on the Rapidsol.org website.

Reserved Area Data

The registered user is responsible for any order made on the website Rapidsol.org with his login and password to the reserved area.
Nevertheless, all orders are confirmed by someone responsible for sales in Rapidsol.org website in order to confirm the requirements of the order and to proceed with the process.
The registration in the website data, such as login and password, is confidential and the user is responsible for keeping it private, thus, shall not disclose this information or share it with any unauthorized third party, with the risk of inappropriate usage.
Incrívelfuturo, S.A. has the right to confirm the data provided by Rapidsol.org users and to act when it finds them inappropriate and fraudulent, and may even cancel logins of users in which they confirm their suspicions.

Violation of the terms and conditions

If Incrívelfuturo, S.A. finds any situation that violates these terms and conditions and the privacy policy of the website Rapidsol.org may, at any time, file a lawsuit in order to punish the offenders.

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